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Middle East and the global oil Pricing system, Editorial Academica Espanola, Madrid, 2018. At Amazon.   Advertisements

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 “Squabbling Sisters: Multinational Companies and Middle East Oil Prices“,Business History Review, 2017 (91) 4 ,681-706. (free download)    “Hyperfactuals“, Journal of the Philosophy of History, 2017 (11) 1 (published on line 6 March 2017).

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“The confident forecaster. Lessons from the upscaling of the electricity industry in England and Wales.”, Business History, 2017 ,Vol 59, n,3, 408-430.  published on line:  7 July 2016. free download:   “Energy Transitions”. In Rachel Carson Center Multimedia Curated collections, Environment … Continue reading

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“A nacionalização da electricidade em Portugal“, Labor & Engenho  , special issue Dossier Eletromemória, (2015), 9,1 ,pp.150-158  <open access>.

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Key Concepts in Energy ,  Springer – Engineering Book Series, Heilderberg- New York,  2014. at             “Waiting for the energy crisis: Europe and the United States on the eve of the first oil shock”, Historical … Continue reading

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“As florestas e a indústria do ferro”, in Metamorfoses da cultura- estudos de homenagem a Maria Carlos Radich, CEHC, Lisboa, 2013, pp.116-152.

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  “Fuel“, in Encyclopedia of Consumption and Waste, edited by Bill Rathje and Carl A. Zimring, Sage, Thousand Oaks, CA, 2012, Vol. I,  pp. 280-284. “The iron industry energy transition”, in Energy Policy,  Special Issue: Past and Prospective Energy Transitions, Roger … Continue reading

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Estimating Oil Reserves: History and Methods”, in Fossil Fuel and the Environment, Shahriar Khan (ed.), IN-Tech, Vukovar, (2011), pp. 143-166. Open-Access Book.

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“Oil in the age of steam”, Journal of Global History 5,1,(2010): 75–94. “The European debate on rate systems in the interwar period”, Energy Policy, 38, 8 (2010):4703 to 4711.  “Revolution and policy failure: the 1910s Portuguese Republic”, European Review of … Continue reading

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“When the South Emulates the North: Energy and nationalism in the twentieth century”, Contemporary European History, Vol 17(1) 2008 , 1-21. “Decisive Events” in William A. Darity, Jr. (ed.), International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences, Vol. 2. 2nd ed. (Detroit: … Continue reading

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“Cartelization and corporatism. Bureaucratic rule in authoritarian Portugal” , Journal of Contemporary History, 42, 1 (2007):79-96.           “Entreprises, incentives and Networks: the electric network in Portugal”, Business History, 49, 5(2007): 595-615.  

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 “The perfect technology: the jacquard in XIX century Portugal” , in Michele Merger(ed.), Tranfers de technologie en Méditerranée, (Paris: Presses Universitaires de Sorbonne, 2006), 447-466.                                                            “Las Ciencias de observación en Portugal”, LLuL Revista de la Sociedad Espanola de Historia de … Continue reading

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 “Polícia sin Ciência. La Policia criminal in Portugal: 1870-1930”, Revista Política y Sociedad- Universidad Complutense de Madrid, 42, 3 (2005):45-62.  A história da energia. Portugal, 1890-1982. Nuno Luis Madureira (ed.) (Lisboa,Livros Horizonte, 2005).  “Os ciclos de desenvolvimento” (with Sofia Teives), … Continue reading

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“A Estatística do Corpo: antropologia física e antropometria na alvorada do século XX“, Etnográfica, 7, 2 (2003):   283-303. “Opportunity and Chance. The introduction of sampling methods in Portugal“, E-Journal of Portuguese History, 1, 2, (2003). “Informação e gestão na Real … Continue reading

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“Oito profissões da Lisboa setecentista“, in Inês Amorim (ed.), Qualificações Memórias e Identidades do Trabalho (Lisboa: IEFP-série Estudos, 2002), 321-336.  A economia dos Interesses. Portugal entre as Guerras  (Lisboa:Livros Horizonte, 2002)  

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 “Portuguese Historical Occupations“, in Nuno Luis Madureira e Mats Hayen (ed.), Hiscodes for Portugal and Sweden, Amesterdam, International Institute for Social History, Papers 5 (2001).  História do Trabalho e das Ocupações, (Lisboa, Editorial Celta, 2001). • Vol 1 – Indústria … Continue reading

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2000 Portuguese Historical occupations, DATABASE FILE (Lisbon:ISCTE, 2000).      Codes, instructions, bibliography- Project for the Analysis and Classification of Occupations- PACO.                                                                                              1000 Ocupações Históricas Portuguesas, draft typescript (Lisbon:ISCTE, 2000).

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Normas de transcrição de documentos em computador,(with Rita Marquilhas ) Working-Paper nº 35 ILTEC(Lisbon:ILTEC, 1999)                                                                                                                     “Ou empresa ou mercado: a obra de Ronald Coase”, Economia Pura, 15, Agosto de 1999, 96-98.  

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Mercado e Privilégios. A indústria Portuguesa entre 1750 e 1834, (Lisboa:Editorial Estampa, 1997).                                                                                        “A sociedade civil do Estado. Instituições e grupos de interesses em Portugal 1750-1846”, Análise Social, 142, 3 (1997): 603-624.    

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“Como representar o conhecimento histórico?”, Sistemas de Informação- APSI, 4(1996):61-75.                                                                                                                                            “Consumo, Preços e Salários(1760-1830”, Ler História, 32, (1996):5-32.                                                                                                 “O critério antropológico: um estudo das classificações ocupacionais na Covilhã”, Ler História, 31 (1996):97-121.                                                                                   

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“Knowledge Representation and History”, in Ingo Kopac, Peter Teibenbacher, Gehrard Jaritz (eds.), Grazer Grundwissenschaftliche Forschungen,(Graz: Akademische Druck – u. Verlagsanstalt, 1995), 237-256.                                                                                                                                  “The word and the things: occupational titles in the wool industry of Covilhã”, in Herman Diederiks e Marjan … Continue reading

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“Simulation using artificial Intelligence strategies : an aplication with probate inventories”, in Jans Horgen Markker (ed.), Yesterday, (Odense:Odense University Press, 1994) 320-326. “Crédito e mercados financeiros em Lisboa”, Ler História, 26, (1994):21-44.  

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               Cidade : Espaço e quotidiano, (Lisboa: Livros Horizonte, 1992).                                                                                                                              “Knowledge and simulation”, in Susan Hockney (ed.), The 12th Conference on Computers and the humanities – Conference abstracts, (Oxford:Oxford University Press, 1992), 140-144.                                                                                                                                                                         

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 Lisboa. Luxo e Distinção: 1750-1830,(Lisboa:Editorial Fragmentos,1990).                                                                                                                              “Ouro e Prata: os gestos e os objectos na Lisboa Antiga”, Ler História,20 (1990):45-78.  

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• Inventários: aspectos do consumo e da cultura material em Lisboa. Typescript Master Thesis (Lisbon, FCSH-UNL,1989).

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• Jack Goody, The domestication of the savage mind, (Lisboa: Editorial Presença, 1987). Translation and revision

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• “Viajantes estrangeiros no século XVIII.” Revista Prelo Nações/ Nacionalismo, (1984):89-98.

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