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“The confident forecaster. Lessons from the upscaling of the electricity industry in England and Wales.”, Business History, 2017 ,Vol 59, n,3, 408-430.  published on line:  7 July 2016. free download:   “Energy Transitions”. In Rachel Carson Center Multimedia Curated collections, Environment … Continue reading

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“A nacionalização da electricidade em Portugal“, Labor & Engenho  , special issue Dossier Eletromemória, (2015), 9,1 ,pp.150-158  <open access>.

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“Cartelization and corporatism. Bureaucratic rule in authoritarian Portugal” , Journal of Contemporary History, 42, 1 (2007):79-96.           “Entreprises, incentives and Networks: the electric network in Portugal”, Business History, 49, 5(2007): 595-615.  

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“A Estatística do Corpo: antropologia física e antropometria na alvorada do século XX“, Etnográfica, 7, 2 (2003):   283-303. “Opportunity and Chance. The introduction of sampling methods in Portugal“, E-Journal of Portuguese History, 1, 2, (2003). “Informação e gestão na Real … Continue reading

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